The Liberté Legacy Foundation supports students who have demonstrated leadership in advocating for free enterprise and a free society at university campuses and in their communities.

The Foundation was created in 2014 to award scholarships to students at Simon Fraser University. Scholarship awards will be expanded in the future to include students at other British Columbia post-secondary institutions.

The Foundation will also support students through mentoring and networking opportunities.

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The Liberté Legacy Foundation will award scholarships of up to $5,000 per school year to students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in support of free enterprise and a free society.

Students in any faculty are eligible. Awards will be based on a selection process that includes an application and essay describing the applicant's career goals, life experiences, and school and community activities in support of free enterprise and a free society.

Only applicants from Simon Fraser University are currently being considered scholarships.

For more information, visit our applications page here


A free enterprise economy and the principles of a free society – including freedom of speech, freedom of association, and protection of private property – are essential to Canada's prosperity and quality of life.

The founders of the Liberté Legacy Foundation are encouraging and supporting the future leaders of our society by providing scholarships, mentoring and networking opportunities.

The Foundation is independent and non-partisan. Its funding comes solely from the donations of individuals and businesses who support the Foundation's mandate.

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